Los Angeles, CA “The Travel Play Company is selling the Travel Tray patent and company,” announced outgoing President and Inventor, Gali Rotstein today. The Travel & Play Trays are sturdy enclosed “lap tables” which keep toys and food off the floor and upholstery while traveling in cars and planes. The patented collapsible Travel Tray has an adjustable belt that wraps around the child’s waist and is held in place by Velcro. The large tray doesn’t interfere with seatbelts and is water resistant. The easy to clean nylon tray features side pockets to hold drinks and toys along the 3” inside side enclosure. It retails for $19.95 and is currently available online at Currently manufactured for $3.00, if mass-produced, this product would cost $1.50 to manufacture.

The Travel Play Company sells utilitarian products, wholesale and retail, that enhances and simplifies the daily or seasonal travel experience for both adult and child. For more information on the actual product, or to inquire about purchasing the patent or the company, please contact Joy A. Kennelly 310 714-2077 or review



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