Artist Gali Rotstein’s Art Opening & cool news re: Brad Brown of Brown Entertainment Group

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just learned that one of the guest speakers from my Entertainment Public Relations class, Brad Brown of Brown Entertainment Group, was quoted in today’s LA Times regarding Sweeney Todd. Click here for the full article. Very cool. Thanks for sharing Brad! Guess my little plug helped establish him in the media’s eyes as the expert he really is.

My client, Gali Rotstein, has also just informed me that she was able to procure Joseph Schmidt Chocolates as a sponsor for her January 12, 2008 Art Opening Reception at Lois Lambert Gallery. Very cool! Click on the link if you’re still looking for Christmas gifts – very gourmet chocolate for the most discerning palate.

We’re also planning to serve “Mother’s Little Helper” drinks in keeping with the Requiem for a Housewife theme. Should be very fun. I have a few requests into some potential drink sponsors so will keep you posted. There will definitely be enough wine to keep you moist though so never fear as you peruse the art . I’m just going for some other libations too (alcoholic and non.)

Got to loosen up the wallets people! Just teasing. Not really, but this is for a good cause! Don’t forget a portion of the proceeds benefit Children’s Action Network, a charity helping foster children find permanent homes.

Here’s the original press release I sent out with more conceptual information on her collection and some of her collectors for your review. You might recognize the names…



Collectors include Andy Spahn, Harris Yulin, Susan Landau, Alisa Adler & others

Los Angeles, CA… Artist Gali Rotstein’s latest collection, REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE, explores the unexpressed feeling and desires of the modern day housewife…why do women still hate the term? Why is it so cloaked in terms like “Stay-at-Home Mom” or “Primary Care Giver”? What does the word really mean?

These and other questions are examined in Gali’s REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE, which was recently featured, as part of a special design make-over by Interior Designer Leslie Sachs of Breathing Room Design, on the television show EXTRA.

Collectors include: Political Entertainment Consultant, Andy Spahn; Children’s Action Network Executive Director, Jennifer Perry; The Gersh Agency Partner, Richard Arlook; Paradigm Agency’s Head of TV Talent, Alisa Adler; Actors Harris Yulin and Jeffrey Jones; and Susan Landau, formerly of the Krieger/Landau Gallery.

Gali Rotstein’s art goes against the creed of “less is more.” She chooses to use multiple sources of light and perspectives to create three-dimensional multi-layered, sculpture-like paintings. “My heaven is in the junkyard and hardware store,” says Gali.

Expressing herself through drawing, painting, photography, and assemblage from her findings of discarded objects, she incorporates natural elements such as twigs and moss, as well as ordinary man-made objects, and wires and light bulbs, to present her whimsical and often humorous viewpoints.

Surrounded by the works of such influential contemporary artists as Nathan Oliveira, Elmer Bischoff, Wayne Thiebaud, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, David Park, Selden Gile, Christo, Richard Diebenkorn, and Anselm Kiefer — collected by her father, Naftali Zisman, her creative influences, as a child were significant. Family friends included Israeli artists Raffi Kaiser, Menachem Gueffen and Menashe Kadishman who were also instrumental in her early appreciation of art.

It wasn’t until after running three successful start-up businesses, writing a children’s book series, overcoming a serious illness and experiencing a life-defining moment that she finally came to terms with her untapped childhood passion and decided to become contemporary artist.

In one short year after moving into a studio, she created and completed her first series, HOME. Debuting at the Santa Monica Fine Art Studios Open House in November 2005, her collection sold seven pieces, (half the show) in one night — a coup for a totally unknown artist.

Through Gali’s latest series, REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE, she is waging war on the word and all that it implies; which, in practical terms, and despite her successful ventures in business and other artistic endeavors, she feels she is.

Currently she is working on her next collection, Planet SOS, which deals with the current “crisis” atmosphere in the United States. This body of work again includes sculptures and three-dimensional paintings.

For more information on the artist and commissioning artwork, please contact: Lois Lambert, Lois Lambert Gallery 310 829-6990. Press inquiries, please contact Joy Kennelly, The Joy Writer PR & Marketing, 310 714-2077.