Variety’s donation to Inner-City Arts in my name

By Joy A. Kennelly

Finally picked up my mail the other day and one of the nice cards I received was from “Everyone in the Features Department” of Variety. I don’t know everyone there, but thank you for thinking of me!

It was especially gratifying to see that a donation to Inner-City Arts had been made in my name. Here’s the description from their web site:

Inner-City Arts offers opportunities for children to build artistic self-expression, enhancing their ability to perform both creatively and academically in challenging environments. Our children learn to communicate feelings and ideas in the universal language of art, and are empowered to apply the skills they have learned to their regular academic programs. Most importantly, children are able to see themselves as valuable, worthy and capable of reaching goals.

We believe that the arts are vital for personal and cultural development and they connect the individual to their community and to the larger world. Our philosophy is that by validating the creative impulses and uniqueness of each student, we provide a bridge between the artistic experience and the development of the whole child and increased academic achievement.”

Variety was very thoughtful to choose a charity that I personally can recommend because of the art influence. Now perhaps when other artists, philanthropists, business people, and others read this blog they will be inspired to get involved in some small way.

Thanks Variety Features Department!