Barnsdall Art Gallery & art LA, the New Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair

By Joy A. Kennelly

Hit the New Member Exhibit up at Barnsdall Art Gallery to support Gali and her sculptures this past Sunday. We had put all our energy and publicity efforts towards her Bergamot Station event because we were playing a smaller role in this prestigious exhibition.

It was enjoyable and the art was interesting. However, I must say, the people watching was the thing that really made it the most fun. There was a salsa band playing and people dancing as you entered which added to the festive air.

My favorite art guest was the African-American woman with the HUGE chunky turquoise jewelry and the hairband pulling her hair away from her face into a HUGE afro pillow on top of her head. Her style kind of reminded me of being in Africa. Sorry, my camera is on the fritz or I would show you a pic. Definitely a character. She was just one of many!

I really enjoyed the naked bronze sculptures by John H. Jones because one group of naked people descended to hell, one group descended to heaven and the other just went in a circle like a galaxy if I remember correctly. I always like seeing how artists envision the after-life.

The rooms that made me LOL, was the artist who put all her thoughts on therapy into collages and other collections of random art. It was a little over-whelming to see two rooms filled to the gills with such random thoughts, but it was also funny to anyone who’s ever been in therapy. That’s why some people consider those who go to therapy crazy. I can see why!

My artist, Gali Rotstein, was very pleased to have participated. Gali’s two sculptures will stay on display in the room that visiting curators will come in to find new artists which is great promotion for her!

Also, she made the front page of the Department of Cultural Affairs Registry announcing the event which I wish I could post, but you’ll just have to click dca-registry-publicity.pdf to review. All the details are in the link and here’s some quick details on who to contact and hours as it runs through April 20, 2008.

Gallery Viewing Hours:
Thursday ā€“ Sunday: 12 ā€“ 5 pm
or by appointment, call Mary E. Oliver,
Registrar/Curator (323) 644- 6269
DCA Slide Registry is a program of the
Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles

galis-art-opening-january-12-2008-105.jpgHere’s a cute picture of Gali with our Go Girl Energy Drink sponsor the night of her last event at Lois Lambert Gallery. I’m still waiting on a few more and will post them as they come up.

Now onward and upward to the art LA 2008 event benefiting Hammer Projects this Thursday, January 24, 2008 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium located at 1855 main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Tickets can be purchased online at and clicking the art LA 2008 link. Or contact the Hammer Museum at 310.443.7026 or

I’m attending as a professional blogger which I’m thrilled to be doing. This is going to be an amazing collection of art galleries and artists which I just love.

More to come…


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