This is why they pay me the big bucks…LOL!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Glad I’m not Hulk Hogan‘s wife today! Sorry, just had to share. It’s always sad when a celebrity marriage fails. Also, when it’s as a result of infidelity. And a family friend. And someone much younger. And… you get the point.

Makes me glad I’m not married right now. At least to Hulk Hogan.:) Marriage is nice when it’s to the right person and they’re faithful till death do us part. Right? Right.

In any case, very happy to report that I’ve had a 62% positive result from cold call pitching one client this week. What was fun was to find a few old friends I forgot did this type of work. Now to see what transpires as a result of my efforts. Very excited and wish him much success. I’ll share when there’s something more there.

Still prepping other clients for their public debut, but we’re jammin’ and it should be very soon. Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up…:) I love this part of the process because then when the client is ready, we just pop!

Anyone else think those new Wamu commercials are a total crack up? Especially the roller skating one with the little guy and the big woman? Whoo Hoo everybody! Can you tell I’m watching Access Hollywood and commercials while I write this? Can’t wait to watch Will Ferrell’s newest film, Semi Pro. He is totally my sense of humor.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you. Very excited to see what happens when I put my laser focused attention on pitching Travel Tray in a much wider fashion. I was letting another company act as our intermediary which didn’t work out as we thought so onward and upwards.

Lest I have lead you to believe the owner is anything other than the most gentle, wise, wonderful person, please hear me now. He and his wife are great. I’m honored to be representing their company. However, don’t try to copy their product(s). We know they’re good, but they’re patented and not yours to copy ok?

Okay, that’s all. Just wanted to give a little brag because, Damn I’m good at what I do. LOL. Sorry, Will Ferrell is rubbing off on me a little. (Well, maybe I’m a little good.:)

Have a good evening!


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