Ace Gallery was over the top tonight!

By Joy A. Kennelly

I wasn’t sure I wanted to drive all the way up to Beverly Hills for Ace Gallery’s Art Opening this Wednesday evening, but I’m so glad I did. I’m glad too, I persuaded my friend to join me. We had such a fun time being out and about.

I so rarely go out any more up in Hollywood since I’m not representing any celebrities right now, it’s a real pleasure when I do. Before it was work, now… just pure pleasure. I wear what I want, I arrive when I want, I don’t have to worry about photographers knowing my client is there, I just relax and have a great time.

What’s been interesting about attending art events lately is that the crowds just keep getting better and better looking. Also, bigger and bigger. And more celebrity filled, or maybe it’s just where I’ve been going. I do love a good event.

When I arrived at my friend’s house he wanted to catch up before dashing out so I regaled him with stories on the latest politics of my hometown, Hermosa Beach. When I recently told one of my other publicist friends that one of the highlighted speakers at a local meeting I’ve been visiting was a bunny breeder we both had a good laugh because I’ve come so far from what I was used to – from Playboy bunny parties to real bunnies.

What a slide.

However, I like where I’ve slid because now I’m focusing on art clients, with the occasional entertainment client thrown in to spice things up, and I’m real happy. Who knew living by the beach in the South Bay would be the place of eternal happiness? Just kidding. I do love the beach though! For the most part, very relaxing and beautiful. Nice guy eye candy too.

What I love now is when I drive up to the “big city” I really enjoy the experience. Tonight was no exception. After a bit of catching up with my bud, we drove over to catch the last hour of the show. And I do mean show.

When we arrived I thought it was only to view Sculptor, Robert Graham‘s latest work forgetting there were other artists on display as well since this gallery is so huge and cavernous.

I love coming here because you never know what you’re going to see and some of it can be really bizarre. This is one of the top of the line contemporary art galleries in LA I’ve been told. Could be wrong, but I believe it to be true.

The gallery again was packed, probably more so earlier, but with still a very large crowd for a Wednesday night in the heart of Beverly Hills at 10:00 at night. Everyone was wearing the requisite black, myself included, and there was a man with the ugliest, hairless dog walking around who was bald himself. Like attracts like?

That’s what I love about going to art openings in Los Angeles. You never know who or what you’ll see next. But that’s mild compared to what came later.

Keep reading.

We wandered into the two smaller rooms hosting Robert Graham’s interesting sculptures and then moved towards the larger room expecting to see more of his work.

I had completely forgotten there was another photographic artist on display named Martin Schoeller who has shot these amazing pictures of female body builders.

Walking into the main room was a little shocking because all these woman’s pictures were blown up huge and they’re all staring at you from every corner with their massively built out bodies and little bikinis – a little intimidating to say the least.

I used to see someone who was a professional body builder in his past. One night I was touching his leg and felt something hard on the back side of his calf. I said, “What’s this?”, knocking on the hard part. “Calf implants,” he replied casually. OY! And I thought breast implants were bad.

Speaking of that, a friend of mine said real breasts are becoming an endangered species. There was also an article about it in the most recent Glamour mag which made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Apparently this young Hollywood actor has been dating so many women with fake breasts he feels he can’t find true love because he feels the women aren’t being real. Get it? Real? Double Oy!

I have breasts on the brain with this blog because later on in the evening as I was preparing to leave I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen in years and couldn’t remember how I knew her.

We both stood there saying I know you, but how? Then she remembered my breast cancer fundraiser I had asked her to help me with years back and it all came flooding back for both of us. See the connection? More breasts. Now that’s a show I would still like to produce – maybe at Ace Gallery? Stranger things have happened!

As my friend and I were catching up, the woman she had brought began macking out wildly with this guy she’d just met and it was so distracting I could barely keep from laughing out loud. It was like a scene out of a Benny Hill sketch!

Then when Mary finally got her friend away from the guy it looked her girlfriend was going to kiss Mary too! You should have seen Mary’s face. It was priceless.

Back to the art exhibit/show. So, we’re wandering around admiring the large photos of intense looking body builder women (you really must click through to see what I’m talking about – amazing!) and there is Wolfgang Puck wearing his chef jacket.

By the time I picked up my bottle of water, he had disappeared. Only to be replaced by our good ‘ole Mayor Villaraigosa. Now I’ve blogged about his major propensity for the spotlight in the past and didn’t really want to see him face-to-face in case he’d read it because I asked him to do his job rather than gadfly around.

Needless to say, I left him alone as the People Magazine journalist interviewed him.

What was funny is that later on towards the end of the evening I was standing near the exit on the phone telling another friend what a fun evening this was, when he walked by and looked directly at me and asked “How are you?” like he knew me. Oy Oy Oy!

I must say, he’s extremely good looking up close and personal. No wonder that woman had an affair with him and who knows how many others? Very sexy and charismatic. Love a man in power wearing a suit!

He wasn’t the only celebrity in attendance though which always makes it fun. As we were admiring Robert Graham’s art drawings in the upstairs part of the gallery (I told you this place was huge!), we were all invited to go back to the main gallery hall for a special show.

We were heading downstairs, when I bumped into an old friend I haven’t seen in years who had been in the film, One Hour Photo, with Robin Williams. She’s not credited, but she was the nude picture girl in one of the scenes, remember? Very nice Russian woman.

In any case, as we turned around to leave after finishing our conversation, there was Robert Graham posing with what looked like the beautiful model for his work. At least I think so. The nudes are very soft and surreal drawings that imply a human body more than anything.

We left that area and hurried to see what was going on in the main hall. All of sudden music was playing and there was a palpable feeling of excitement in the air. As we neared the entrance, all of a sudden I realized why.

There, standing in line to go on the center stage, were five of the body building models from the pictures showcased tonight! Amazingly petite, but wide as they are short in certain ways. I’ve never seen such built legs and backs and pectoral muscles on any female before. If I were a guy I couldn’t imagine feeling safe sleeping with any of them because they could crush you in a leg hold!

I took some pix on my cell phone, but I don’t know how to download them, however I’ll try to learn because you really must see these pix. I really must begin taking my regular camera with me everywhere. In any case, it was very entertaining.

People were whooping and hollering just like at a boxing match or sporting event as each woman strutted her stuff. I was so surprised because, again, this gallery is in the heart of Beverly Hills, but at Ace, I guess – Expect the Unexpected!

There was an announcer on the center stage telling us where each woman was from and how many body building titles they’d won. Then with music pulsing, each woman would daintily walk out to showcase her body for our review. Some of the guys nearest the stage were just eating it up!

Apparently the last woman had won the title Miss International in a competition Aahnold had started. I asked the announcer where he was, and we both laughed.

One guy who was standing near me told me he could never imagine even kissing someone like that though because they were too masculine. I felt bad for the women because I’m sure they feel they’re beautiful this bulked up. I never want to get like that ever myself!

I don’t think I have to worry about that though. As my friend John says, I’m not big, I’m ample. At least my breasts are real! He did compliment my look tonight though which was nice. I had a great evening and will make the trip every time to enjoy such an eclectic art experience.

My friend told me later an actor from the film Crash had been standing near me the entire show. Bummer. I would have liked to have told him how much I enjoyed the film! That’s what I mean. All kinds of people come out for these events and it’s a blast.

I bumped into a psychic friend of mine and she gleefully told me she has her own TV show now. Very happy for her and any of my friends who find success. We clinked water bottles and then I left to find my bud.

And with that, I’ll bid you adieu.


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