The Joy Writer PR & Marketing New Business Focus

By Joy A. Kennelly

What I find interesting is when you’re ready to learn something all of sudden everywhere you turn the message comes through loud and clear. For me, it’s to focus on what’s important to you. Even today’s sermon was about not being a double-minded man, but focusing on God rather than money.

Single minded focus in whatever you do.

All my life I’ve taught my clients in order to become successful they need to focus on their one true passion in life regardless of how many other areas they’re talented in or enjoy and the rest will fall into place. If your passion is singing, be a singer. If your passion is writing, be a writer. If your passion is painting, be a painter. If your passion is sculpting, be a sculptor. If your passion is directing, be a director.

You get my drift…

Once you have the foundation and reputation for that one thing it’s so much easier then to branch out into your other interests. People like someone who is successful at one thing rather than half-ass with multiple things because then you’re harder to categorize and it’s confusing. Your brand is mixed up.

Doesn’t mean give up on those other interests and passions, just put them on the back burner or develop them independently of your main thing while you work on building up what really makes you happy.

Well, I woke up this morning and realized I need to take my own advice! What a novel concept! All my life I’ve taken whatever client has money because I knew I could help them and I liked the variety. I also didn’t want to commit to one type of PR for fear of becoming bored.

However, when I did commit to my short film festival I had huge success with it. When I committed to other client’s, we had great success.

I’ve not had the success I think I’m capable of with my PR business because I’ve not committed to it and focused like I could have. I’ve always just looked at it as a way to make money, not something I’m really passionate about. My true passion has been writing which is why I blog so much.

Just keeping it real.

I know I’m good at PR, I know I can help whoever crosses my path if I believe in them, I have had some success, but I wasn’t focusing on what made me happy. I was focused on making everyone else happy.

As a result, after a few months of working together the client would run out of money and decide to stop working together.

What I realized in working with the clients I’ve helped become successful (like Actor Domiziano Arcangeli and Artist Gali Rotstein) is that if you really believe in the talent and skills of the person you’re working with and give more than 100% because you’re having fun doing it, people find the money. And you find them success.

t becomes a mutual give and take or exchange that doesn’t depend on money, but rather passion and love for building a career together. It takes time, dedication and commitment.

Looking back, the clients I wasn’t passionate about, but were working with simply because they were paying me were the clients who never worked out. Like they say, money can’t buy happiness or success.

It’s the times when I’m working with a client and would work with them even if they weren’t paying me because we’re having such a great time together that I’ve had the most success.

That’s why when I woke up this morning I realized what really, really, really makes me happy right now is Fine Art. Nothing else has made me as happy or fulfilled as launching an artist’s career.

Maybe it’s because they’re a different breed and more sensitive like me, maybe because they appreciate my efforts more and actually say thank you for helping them in addition to paying me, maybe because the art scene is so hot and exciting right now, or maybe simply because they’re bringing beauty into the world, or even something more intangible, but I love it.

I’m passionate about Art and my Artist clients.

Having had this epiphany I can’t go back. Although I love entertainment and never thought I’d leave it, I feel like I’m ready for the next stage in my career and it doesn’t involve that world in the way I’ve been involved with it before.

I will still incorporate entertainment types into my art openings and fund-raisers and events, but it’s not going to be the focus of what I do for my career right now. I love actors and filmmakers and screenwriters, don’t get me wrong, but now I’d rather enjoy their participation with my clients rather than my cultivation of their careers.

Does this make sense?

With fine artists, I have a true synergy in spirit and concept. I don’t have to worry that they’re going to be involved in something that morally I don’t agree with and resist representing because the artists I choose to work with have definite styles that fit what I like. If I don’t want to work with goth or other types of artists, I don’t.

Real simple.

However, with entertainment you never know which direction your client will take, or what they’ll be passionate about next. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I have just found that when I’m true to my values and my morals in my work, then I can give more than 100% freely and easily which benefits everyone.

When those values and morals are compromised, I can’t participate as fully and it’s a lost situation. I really need to do work I believe in. This maybe a little idealistic and maybe impossible, but I’m going to give it a whirl and see what transpires as a result.

So, from now on I won’t be working with filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, or anyone else who is not art related. If an actor or entertainment type wants to build his art career, then that’s a different story. However, right now I’m declaring my commitment to representing Fine Artists only.

And it feels right.

Everything else I do will be simply for fun (like covering Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week’s designers.) I love fashion and the high drama of the shows, but I don’t see myself doing publicity in that realm, nor building an actor’s career through attending these type events any more either.

Attendance will simply be for me and my viewing pleasure. And your reading pleasure.

I’ll leave fashion to my friend Adrienne who runs Magnolia PR. Not to say if a designer wants to work with my artist clients I won’t make that happen, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy being part of the scene as an observer, not working it.

What I will work are my Fine Artist’s careers because when they’re successful, then I’m successful. I’m very close to announcing some new, exciting details on my latest artist clients – so stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!


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