Miami Art Scene has to wait – more exciting South Bay Professional Connection news

By Joy A. Kennelly

Ever since returning from Miami, FL, I have been slammed with work and unable to catch my breath. (Okay, I did enjoy my Memorial Day holiday BBQ down in San Diego with a very good friend, and my lounging by the pool at the Hollywood Roosevelt on Sunday, and my playing with two hilarious dogs in Manhattan Beach, but otherwise – working!)

Really can’t spare much time today, but did want to share some great news regarding my next South Bay Professional Connection event occurring tomorrow night over at CA Associates and Verch Insurance Services new office in El Segundo from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Here’s some pix to showcase what you’re in store for.

Just know, next time you see this space, it’s going to be packed with people!

We had a great write-up in The Beach Reporter’s Business section last Thursday – Thanks Eric! Also, over 1000 postcard invites have been distributed on top of the 100’s of emailed invitations and media relations we’ve all done to promote this event.

I passed out 40 invites alone last night at a PV mixer with lots of people saying they’re planning to come. Should be a great mix of businesses, industries and people since Sonja McColgan, the owner and Career Coach extraordinaire of CA Associates, and Darold Verch, her father and owner of Verch Insurance Services, know so many people having been in business for so many years.

In addition to the wonderful appetizers Shark’s Cove Manhattan Beach will be serving and the GoChi Juice drinks that will be poured, rumor has it that to make this a real celebration there’s a possibility we’ll be breaking out the bubbly! GoChi Juice goes great with Champagne!:)

For 20 lucky winners of our “Who’s the Best Networker?” contest, guests will receive the following beachy type goody bags courtesy of Globiwest Hospitality Group‘s Holiday Inn Express Century City and LAX:

944 Magazine
Nice Pen or Computer cleaner from Holiday Inn Express LAX or Century City
Lip Balm from Holiday Inn Express Century City
Scented Candle in container
Complimentary Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express LAX or Century City courtesy of Director of Sales, Lana Leazer.

Apparently, not only will you get to meet some great business and local people if you come by, you will also get to experience the local El Segundo Farmer’s Market with a live band and all kinds of great produce and other stuff to buy.

However, as a result, please note you need to park behind the building since Main Street will be full. If you’ve never been to El Segundo, you’re in for a real throwback in time. I call it the Mayberry of the South Bay. Others have called it the last real beach community of the South Bay. It’s quaint, quiet, and cute. Lots of great restaurants, services, and local people call El Segundo home.

We had such a great time at our last South Bay Professional Connection, I can’t wait to see who shows up for this one. For those of you who missed the last one, here’s some highlights and pictures to share with you (I’m editing an original post I wrote for This is Hermosa website.)

Last month’s attendees included: Sharkeez Owner, Ron Newman & UPAC Member, Kim McMullan ; Hermosa Beach City Council Member, Michael DiVirgilio; Hermosa Beach Resident, Gary Mallette; Union Cattle Owner, Jed Stanford;

Why Was I Dissed? Founder, Rachel Morton ; the Mackinga clan; Jayme Mackinga’s groupies; local icon and Club 705 consultant, John Bowler; Hermosa Beach Writer’s Group Representative, Gerry Althas-Vazquez; PV resident, Lane Mayhew; Beach Cities Relay for Life Volunteers, Jill Morales and Susan Cohen; Nutritionist Jayne Justice ; RB resident, Christie and HB Resident Lotus; Strong Project El Segundo Representative, Michael Pochepan; Beach Massage Business Development Representative, Kimberly Blaine; A Fresh Face Skincare Owner, Victoria Coleman; Project Touch Representative, Carol Shakely; and out-of-towners/friends like John Herzberg, Lana Leazer, Roderick Bascom, Damien Carmean, and many others came to mix and mingle. Lisa Bollinger graciously managed the door.

Those who attended enjoyed the acoustic guitar of 16 year old Jayme Mackinga who has a voice akin to Corrine Bailey Rae. Everyone loved her music. What impressed me the most was the poise she exhibited while performing for around 100 people who sat in rapt attention while she sang.

Jayme performing

During the break, John Bowler entertained the crowd and invited everyone to support the Beach Cities Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society who had a table set up with all their information. What a great cause and great event coming up! Click the link for all the details and join the team.

Although we didn’t raise as much money as I had hoped, it was a great start to a partnership that I hope to continue until the summer’s event. Although I personally haven’t experienced serious cancer, my grandmother died from lung cancer and my family suffers from non-malignant skin cancer every so often. Damn freckles!

John Pieplow gave a rousing concert which everyone enjoyed as well. He was grateful to be sharing his birthday for such a great cause and had a lot of fun visiting our little city. I’m hoping to get him back at a later date. Everyone who stayed received a free CD of his music as a thank you for coming.

The GoChi Juice cocktails were a huge hit. Xavier and his wonderful staff served some great seafood appetizers too. Local HB Resident, Jana Nizny, won the Dinner for Two at The Ardmore in our raffle. Thank you X and all your servers for helping make this a special evening at The Ardmore in 705!


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all…

By Joy A. Kennelly

I’m writing from Miami, FL where I’ve been enjoying the sun, beach and pool every day. Never knew how much I needed this brief respite until today when I actually feel 100% after a long stint of bronchitis. It’s been real nice to not think about clients or anything else but myself for once.

Not that I don’t love my clients and my work, but sometimes you just need to recharge and rejuvenate away from the day to day stuff to regain your creative juices. I’m just now, after three days here, starting to feel like I can get back to work and think about the future.

I woke up with some fun ideas I want to implement for the South Bay Professional Connection when I return which is all because I’m here in Miami. They really market this area well. I’m definitely taking notes because the South Bay can use some new marketing.

I’ve also enjoyed soaking up some of the local art deco buildings and art on display. I’ll upload images later. Did you know that Jewish settlers were the first to come to Miami? Also, the reason Mt. Sinai was created out here was because back in the day there was a lot of segregation which forced them to create this separate hospital for all the Jewish people who lived here.

It’s always fascinating to me to learn of other groups of people who experience racism and prejudice because it’s not something I normally think about not having to face it myself except for maybe my gender every so often.

There’s a Jewish synagogue museum called aptly enough, The Jewish Museum of Florida. I loved the director’s quote which I’m paraphrasing here, Even if you’re not Jewish you’ll feel a sense of family. Isn’t that sweet?

On another note, it always shocks me when people want to say the Holocaust never happened. That’s why I took the time to visit the amazing Holocaust Memorial here in the heart of South Beach that is hauntingly beautiful.

I bet you didn’t even know this existed since the nightlife so often overshadows the art that’s available here. Apparently now however, the Miami Convention & Visitor Bureau has decided to begin creating a more sophisticated image for their city and focusing more on their arts and culture than sexy nightlife.

Especially in light of the success of their popular Art Basel Miami Beach which “is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. As the sister event of Switzerland’s Art Basel, the most prestigious art show worldwide for the past 38 years, Art Basel Miami Beach combines an international selection of top galleries with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design.

Exhibition sites are located in the city’s beautiful Art Deco District, within walking distance of the beach and many hotels.” (according to the official Art Basel Miami Beach site.)

I have loved seeing all the art deco buildings, including Versace’s mansion, and am eager to visit the Lowe Art Museum tomorrow. I know. How boring. Only me! I bet I’m one of the few singles all excited over an art museum, but I can’t help myself. It’s the way I was raised.

We would always hit all the museums in town, stay at the most inexpensive places, and then visit all the high-end resorts for a nice meal. Guess old habits are hard to break! You do see a lot more of the country when you don’t allow your finances to dictate how you enjoy yourself right? LOL

I also plan to hit the Miami Design area because I’m curious what art galleries are out here. I feel that a city’s art reflects the mood of the people which I look forward to seeing up close and personal.

Okay, that’s all for now. Just wanted to check in because I finally feel like I can breathe. I know once I get home I’ll have to hit the ground running again. But for now, am going to hit my Miami friend’s GoChi Juice tasting party and then experience a little of the nightlife with him afterwards. Should be fun and just what the doctor ordered.

Hope you have a great evening! Mark your calendars for my South Bay Professional Connection event on May 29th! You’re not going to want to miss this one!:)



For More Information: Joy A. Kennelly



With a Networking Celebration on Thursday, May 29, 2008 5:30pm – 7:00pm

South Bay, CAThe South Bay Professional Connection announces the Grand Opening of CA Associates Employment Specialists’ and Verch Insurance Services’ new El Segundo offices with a night of Networking and Celebration on Thursday, May 29, 2008 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

As part of the Grand Opening Celebration, California Associates‘ Career Coach, Sonja McColgan, will offer resume critiques, information on industry trends and interview techniques while Verch Insurance Specialists will offer complete insurance analysis. Appetizers will be provided by Shark’s Cove Hermosa Beach, CA. A portion of the proceeds from GoChi Juice shots poured will benefit the Brent Verch Memorial Fund. The new El Segundo offices are located at 425 Main Street, El Segundo, CA 90245. RSVP to CA Associates: 310.416.8797.

“We chose to move to Downtown El Segundo because it has been voted the ‘Most Business Friendly,'” says Verch Insurance Services Founder/Owner, Darold P. Verch. Verch Insurance Services is a multi-line, family owned agency with 40 years experience specializing in all types of insurance. For more information, please review: or call 310 322-1626.

California Associates Employment Specialists focus on placing candidates in Media, Technology, Accounting, Engineering, Human Resources, Fitness, Sales & Marketing, Administration and Entertainment. For more information, refer to: or call 310.416.8797.

The Brent Verch Memorial Fund was created to honor Brent Verch and his life’s desire to support his three young niece’s college education. For more information, please refer to:

The South Bay Professional Connection’s (TSBPC) mission is to promote the interest of the South Bay as a whole to the media, the public, businesses, and residents. For more information, please contact Joy A. Kennelly via 310 714-2077 or



UNIQUE TRAVEL PATENTS AVAILABLE! According to the Travel Industry Association, Travel and Tourism is a $1.3 trillion dollar industry in the United States. According to TIA’s annual forecast, travel spending by domestic and international visitors in 2008 is forecast to increase more than 5 percent to $778.2 billion.

Do you want a piece of the $1.3 TRILLION dollar travel industry? Then consider our two patented innovative travel items designed to ease both an adult and a child’s travel experience – the Stufstop® and Travel & Play Travel Tray®. We hold both the U.S. patent rights and licensing rights which we are offering you now.

Based on the above travel statistics, we believe that with the right company representing/licensing each item, millions will sell. Both items were designed and road-tested by a mom who earned more than 100,000 Frequent Flyer miles in one year and they work. You may review these items on our website:

Our adult travel item, StufStop®, is a patented parcel restraint system that wraps around the front passenger seat, secures a wide variety of items, and is AAA approved as a safety enhancement. Easily adjustable to fit most bucket seats, Stufstop® is made from a seamless neoprene-like material which, when not in use, makes sitting against it undetectable and an excellent branding opportunity for your company’s logo.

Our children’s travel item, Travel & Play Travel Tray®, is a sturdy “lap table” created to keep toys and food off automobile/plane seats and floors. Collapsible, easy-to-store, and also easy to brand with your company’s logo, Travel & Play Travel Tray® has an adjustable belt that wraps around a child’s waist and is held in place by hook and loop. Travel & Play Travel Tray® is currently in use in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ art program.

I look forward to speaking with you regarding these unique travel items and your interest in either their patents or licensing opportunities. For immediate attention, you can contact me at 310-714-2077 .

Best regards,

Joy A. Kennelly

Announcing Photographer & Award-Winning Filmmaker Arlene Bogna


For More Information: Joy A. Kennelly


Hollywood, CA Photographer & Award-winning Filmmaker, Arlene Bogna’s Safari Americana: Scenes of Delight first solo photographic exhibit to be held at Gallery 825 on Saturday, June 21, 2008 from 6pm – 9pm featuring large, special edition color photographs. Bogna’s raw analog photographic exhibit explores our relationship with animals and our need for them in a whimsical, yet thoughtful fashion.

“Part social commentary about [the] role of animals in contemporary culture and part multi-media burlesque – Arlene Bogna’s Safari Americana: Scenes of Delight delights its audience with a myriad of narratives and constructs, all in service of a provocative yet successful formalism,” says Executive Director Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) / Gallery 825, Peter Mays.

“In Safari Americana: Scenes of Delight, I wanted to explore this instinct of ours, a strange impulse to connect with, or show dominion over, our fictitious animal friends,” says Photographer, Arlene Bogna. “I created these photographs using toy cameras with experimental techniques, including cross-processing, light leaks, pushed colors, expired film, and custom printing to capture my memories with a sense of play and discovery.”

An award-winning Writer/Director and Photographer, Bogna has received two KidsFirst! Awards for her screenplay, Earth Kids, and a Telly, Platinum Best of Show Aurora, Davey, and Remi, for her narrative PSA, Canvas, she created for the art non-profit, A Window Between Worlds. Bogna’s art and film background includes fine art classes in color, composition, painting and drawing at The Art Center and Otis Parsons, film and media at the Universita di Bologna, Italy, culminating in a Film and Italian Literature degree from UCLA. She continues to expand upon her art education. For more information, go to

Gallery 825 is located at 825 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Free to the public, Safari Americana: Scenes of Delight exhibition runs June 21 – July 18, 2008. Valet parking is available. Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 10 am – 5 pm. For a private tour, or for more information, please call: (310) 204-4665.

arlene bogna fine art