Busy, busy, busy…

By Joy A. Kennelly

I know you’re all waiting with baited breath to hear what I’m going to write next, so why keep you waiting any longer? LOL

Despite a cable outage in my building that lasted four days, I’ve been keeping busy promoting GoChi Juice events and ops too. Also, networking on behalf of Travel Tray and StufStop.

Never thought I’d get back into the event business so quickly, or so much, but am having a ball organizing all the various promotions and receptions.

I’ll be attending an event tomorrow night on “Guerrilla Tactics that will Flood your Website with Traffic” which should prove interesting and beneficial on many levels. I love learning online marketing techniques and meeting like-minded people. The more I know, the more I help my clients and myself!

Bumped into my friend Q at the recent Manhattan Beach Women in Business Conference I participated in this past Friday. She gave me some great suggestions on places to market the Travel Tray and StufStop product which I’m following up on. Also, met a lot of great local business women which is always fun. Networking is the best way to build product recognition in my mind because of the personal touch.

Planned a new GoChi mixer at Sharkeez MB next Thursday, May 1 from 7pm – 9pm which should be a lot of fun. Everyone loves Sharkeez! It’s our local icon bar if you’re not from around here. They’re building a brand new one in Hermosa Beach which should be a great draw for the surrounding community once it’s built.

Speaking of great restaurants, have you heard about Brix1601 yet? It’s a brand new wine bar, retail clothing and wine store, art gallery and more which recently opened in Hermosa Beach, CA that is just stunning! Very high end, very classy with great wine selections and food, plus stylish, hip clothing and a vast wine store. Highly, highly, highly recommend checking it out. Click on the link for all the details.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, had an amazing lunch meeting yesterday with some new potential creative partners in crime for The South Bay Professional Connection and Beverly too. It was great the way we all totally clicked on so many fun ideas and event possibilities. Can’t wait to implement them and share them with you here. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be and everything just seems to flow. God is good!

Wrapped up some old business over the weekend, got some new business percolating and hope to have some announcements on more soon! Off to a big FreeLife International company-wide event on GoChi Juice tonight on Breaking through Fear and Success taught by a Canadian hockey player who drinks and sells GoChi Juice too. I love learning new sales techniques because it applies to all areas of my life.

The biggest plus about Free Life International to me is the health benefits I’ve personally gained from drinking GoChi Juice, and being part of a bigger Fortune 500 company while still maintaining my autonomy. I feel supported by my team and like having the best of both worlds. Really having fun with this venture!

Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate you reading! If you’re in need of publicity or event services, please shoot me an email. Would love to work with you.