Oh, and almost forgot to tell you some good news re: Travel Tray & GoChi Juice too!

By Joy A. Kennelly

We’ve been pitching companies the Travel Tray as you know and yesterday I followed up with everyone. The good news to report is that I have found a company that is interested! YEAH! As soon as I know anything further I’ll keep you posted. Say a prayer this goes through because that would be very cool.

I almost forgot to tell you also, that my last GoChi Juice Tasting party was part of my friend, Sandra’s celebration of her appearance on Hell’s Kitchen which was a lot of fun. I’m including some pix here to show you our GoChi Juice tasting parties in CA. This is how we do it ala that song.:)

My friend/GoChi colleague, Deb, was my partner in crime and we had a lot of fun meeting new people and celebrating Sandra’s success. Those of you who regularly watch Hell’s Kitchen may recognize Sandra as one of the housewives who doesn’t cook. Click the link to her episode entitled “Five Chefs Compete”. Now does it ring a bell?

You may not realize it, but she’s also a very accomplished actress/model who you will definitely be seeing more of soon. Any theatrical agents – give me a call. I’ll hook you up.

Isn’t Sandra a great model? Best sandra with GoChi She absolutely loves our juice because it gives her so much more energy. Click here for all 19 health benefits of GoChi Juice that are clinically proven.

Named for the “go” in goji and chi, the ancient Chinese term for “vital life force,” GoChi contains all the goodness of Himalayan Goji Juice, and so much more!

  • Scientifically demonstrated to deliver results in as little as 14 days
  • At least 30% more bioactive LBP than Himalayan Goji Juice
  • Preservative-free
  • Certified kosher and halal

In addition, GoChi Juice will be published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in their August issue which is a peer reviewed journal and very difficult to get into.

Entitled ‘A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Clinical Study of the General Effects of a Standardized Lycium barbarum (Goji) Juice, GoChi™’, this ground-breaking study shows that GoChi can improve one’s health and well-being in 13 key areas through a daily serving of just 4 ounces, in as little as 14 days.”

Deb sharing Gochi Not only that, but we’re one of the few companies to be listed on the government’s medical site www.pubmed.gov – search for GoChi Juice and see what I mean!

Now do you see why I’m so thrilled to be representing this juice along with everything else I do? It’s because of the integrity of the company and the product. Trust me. I don’t publicize things I don’t believe in.

Okay, that’s all for today. Just giving you my little GoChi Juice update because it’s very exciting. If you’re interested in buying some to see for yourself, please click here, or shoot me an email at the link above, or leave a comment.

Love to hear from you and introduce you to Free Life International and GoChi Juice.

Now an endorsement from someone you might even know,
April Ross.
Professional Volleyball Player

“I think Himalayan Goji Juice is amazing. I never before believed
that I could receive such nutritional benefits from a natural
product. It’s very effective and tastes great as an added bonus.”

Decision time! Gochi girlsBack to Hell’s Kitchen.

Here’s Sandra appearance in the final contest. Isn’t she cute? She was one of the final two whose food Gordon Ramsey actually liked.

Oh, and speaking of Gordon Ramsey, have any of you had a chance to go visit The London West Hollywood that took over the old Bel Age?

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I don’t say that lightly either. This is an ABSOLUTELY beautiful secret that I simply must share with you now. It’s only been open a little under two months and I have the inside scoop here.

Stick with me babe. I may not live in Hollywood right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on.:)

We were able to take a sneak peek at the upstairs rooftop pool and mark my words, this is going to be the next hotspot and may even replace The Mondrian it’s that sophisticated with such an amazing 360 view.

The rooms are gorgeous too. Very modern, chic, sophisticated and the room we saw had the biggest bathroom and tub I’ve ever seen except maybe in Las Vegas.

Gordon Ramsey also has a restaurant on site called simply, Gordon Ramsey, of course. I love the style of the restaurant and bar. It’s simple, elegant, refined, art deco, delightful! Haven’t dined there yet, but hope to soon.

Any one care to join me? Or better yet, take me there? LOL

Okay, I think that’s all for now. Really must get some other stuff stirring. Enjoy the rest of the pix. Just think. If you join my GoChi Juice team, this could be you having fun with us! And no, you don’t have to be busty to join. LOL It just happened to be that way by accident. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

Gochi spread
Hell's Kitchen show Hells kitchen credits Joy & Deb with GoChi table Sandra & best friendOkay, enough of that. Wasn’t that a beautiful GoChi Juice display? Deb is an interior designer too and brings her special flare to everything. Thanks Deb!

And thanks Sandra for having such a great party! You look mahvelous dahling. Congratulations!



UNIQUE TRAVEL PATENTS AVAILABLE! According to the Travel Industry Association, Travel and Tourism is a $1.3 trillion dollar industry in the United States. According to TIA’s annual forecast, travel spending by domestic and international visitors in 2008 is forecast to increase more than 5 percent to $778.2 billion.

Do you want a piece of the $1.3 TRILLION dollar travel industry? Then consider our two patented innovative travel items designed to ease both an adult and a child’s travel experience – the Stufstop® and Travel & Play Travel Tray®. We hold both the U.S. patent rights and licensing rights which we are offering you now.

Based on the above travel statistics, we believe that with the right company representing/licensing each item, millions will sell. Both items were designed and road-tested by a mom who earned more than 100,000 Frequent Flyer miles in one year and they work. You may review these items on our website: www.travelplayco.com.

Our adult travel item, StufStop®, is a patented parcel restraint system that wraps around the front passenger seat, secures a wide variety of items, and is AAA approved as a safety enhancement. Easily adjustable to fit most bucket seats, Stufstop® is made from a seamless neoprene-like material which, when not in use, makes sitting against it undetectable and an excellent branding opportunity for your company’s logo.

Our children’s travel item, Travel & Play Travel Tray®, is a sturdy “lap table” created to keep toys and food off automobile/plane seats and floors. Collapsible, easy-to-store, and also easy to brand with your company’s logo, Travel & Play Travel Tray® has an adjustable belt that wraps around a child’s waist and is held in place by hook and loop. Travel & Play Travel Tray® is currently in use in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ art program.

I look forward to speaking with you regarding these unique travel items and your interest in either their patents or licensing opportunities. For immediate attention, you can contact me at 310-714-2077 .

Best regards,

Joy A. Kennelly

The Joy Writer PR & Marketing business updates

By Joy A. Kennelly

Since I’m awake and my mind is spinning, thought it best to unload a bit to help me unwind. Now that my events have ended I can breathe and catch you all up on the latest.

I wrapped up my part of pitching the Commercial Director to all the top production companies in town. I found it very interesting to meet all the different people I did over the phone and learn what it was they were looking for. My client still has some possibilities in the wings and it will be interesting to see where he lands.

For now, he’s taking over the project which I think is a smart move because oftentimes once the formal introductions have been made it’s nice to have the personal touch of the actual person interested in taking a meeting. People like to put a personality to the individual and even though companies like talking to me, they’re more apt to respond quicker once the principal person gets on the line.

You just have to be prepared to take the good news with the bad when you do make the calls yourself, but it’s worth it because then people might explain their reasoning behind their decisions a little easier. Good luck Trevor! Keep us posted!

I’m happy to announce I have found a couple of amazing assistants. I have known my friend Dianne for many years through our adoption connection; she worked at Holy Family Services as their head PR person which is where we first met.

Now that she’s retired she has more free time and thinks it would be great to provide help to me on a part-time basis in addition to some of the other consulting work she does. I’m so honored to have someone of her caliber as part of my team. I can’t even begin to tell you!

Now that I have an assistant, I’m back to working on Travel Tray and very excited to see what transpires as a result. I’ll keep you posted. Dianne has already provided a great deal of assistance in just the short time we’ve been working together in this regard.

My other assistant, Lisa, is currently on an on-call basis, but I’m hoping she’ll be able to free up more time because she’s so on top of things I can rest easy knowing everything’s under control when I turn it over.

Lisa recently helped me with manning the door for the 2nd South Bay Professional Connection and did an excellent job handling that responsibility. We’ll see what she can work out with her schedule down the road.

What was surprising to me with some of the people who applied for this assistant position is that despite my request to have people fax over their resumes, the majority chose to email me. Even after I added in the ad, no emails. I guess we’re living in a techno world where faxes will soon be obsolete, but still – give me what I asked for the first time and no one gets hurt. 🙂

That basic lack of following instructions made me realize that either my fax isn’t working (not the case), or people just weren’t good at following directions. In my line of work, I can’t take the time to repeat instructions more than once and used this as a way of weeding out people. So, if you haven’t heard back and sent me an email, sorry.

The few people I did have fax in their resumes were very qualified, but one lived out-of-state and the other held a full-time job. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I need someone who has flexibility and availability which my other two contacts do.

What is always interesting when working with someone new is their ability to provide help when you need it, how you need it. Recently in working with someone on a test project, I realized how often I had sabotaged my own previous efforts in working for people because I felt my way was better when really it wasn’t.

Now that I’m on the other end of the requesting I realize how nice it is to have someone just do what I want, when I want it, how I want it. Very simple, but sometimes difficult for people to understand. I think I get it now though.

Helps to see things through another’s perspective and be on the receiving end of not getting what you want when you want it no matter how well-intentioned the person is who’s offering the help and no matter how many excuses are offered as to why they weren’t able to handle the responsibility in the way I needed it.

Moving right along, if you want to read a run-down on the success of my recent South Bay Professional Connection, please click here for all the details. I’m hoping to have some pictures from the event to share soon. Also, to upload some of mine. Just realize they’re not professional quality, but at least you’ll have an idea of what went down.

I was very pleased with the quality of people who attended, the way people received the musicians, and the overall experience at the Ardmore in 705. I hope to have a wrap-up press release later on today to share too. I will begin producing our May event soon and am having fun putting this event together too.

Now that I have some assistance, I’m eager to take on more artists and build my own art portfolio since I’m starting to work with art consultants who are looking to buy quality art. Also, I’m expanding my relationships in the media and with galleries which is fun and will benefit all my clients.

If you know fine art artists who are looking for representation, please send them my way!

Okay, that’s enough for now. Just know things are moving right along and it’s a good day in the life of The Joy Writer PR & Marketing firm! You have a good one ya hear?

Some PR & Marketing ramblings on clients and things that work…

By Joy A. Kennelly

There’s always a lot of behind-the-scenes prep work that goes into publicizing clients that I don’t report on because what am I going to say? I’m waiting while my director client is researching information to give to me to allow me to do my job?

Or, I’m editing information to write a new client bio? I’m switching servers for the current web site and researching the best web designer for this client? I’ve pitched some new companies for Travel & Play, and am waiting to hear back? Boring! But true, nonetheless.

I find when working with people there’s generally a foundation that needs to be laid first. You need to have 1. a strong bio, 2. a focused description of whatever your project/art/etc is to help with the pitch to media and others, 3. strong visuals prepared to distribute and populate the web site, 4. a press release, 5. a media list tailored to your new client, and 6. a strong web site at a bare minimum.

Speaking of which, a web site needs to be updated constantly (which is why I have blogs – I’m not tech savvy for my official business site: The Joy Writer and need to find someone who is, but this I can do!) with the latest accomplishments, outcomes, etc to allow people to see you’re a viable entity and worth taking a 2nd look.

Another way to set yourself apart and get your name out there is event marketing. What has been fun for me all my life is planning events because not only do I often times see people I haven’t seen in ages, but I always meet someone new and end up staying friends with them as well.

But the added bonus is that event marketing is a great way to keep my name in front of a lot of people in a fun, exciting way that reminds people of my skills and connections, but doesn’t say – Hey, look at me! Hire me! I want work!

It’s more like building a relationship that creates opportunities for work to naturally flow out of the relationship rather than straight advertisement. Does that make sense?

What is funny to me is that oftentimes I’ll help people promote events that I have nothing to do with, but simply want to help get more people to attend. However, what invariably happens is that those invited think not only am I promoting the event, but I’m also organizing it! It’s a natural mistake because I do also produce events, but not all the time.

That happened one year when I publicized an activity from the South Bay International Surf Festival that happens every year during the summer in August to honor and celebrate our lifeguards. I was fascinated by the lifeguard contests that happen where they have to swim, row and surf in relay teams out in the ocean under timed conditions.

I wanted some friends from Hollywood to come down and hang out with me for one of the events. I created an invite with an image of the lifeguard fighting a huge wave in a small dory and a little description of the overall Surf Festival and sent it out to about 300 of my closest friends. (I exaggerate on the closeness, but I do know a lot of people from all over.)

Well, apparently I wrote it so well it was forwarded to a Reuters Journalist who contacted me to write a story about some of the lifeguards because she assumed I was the publicist for the event!

Since I didn’t want to lose the story opportunity to promote my hometown, I quickly rounded up some local lifeguards as contacts for interviews during the event, took pictures and sent everything off to New York for her review. She loved it, interviewed everyone and off the story went on the wire for whoever to pick up.

Now I wasn’t paid to do that, but because I love my home town and am proud of the lifesaving capabilities of our lifeguards I felt it was my duty as a publicist to make sure to see it through to fruition. Plus, I got to meet some great people!

I love helping people get their stories out into the world. I also love promoting quality events and people. That’s what makes my job so rewarding and diverse. There are admin elements about this work that drive me crazy, but I’m planning to get more help to allow me to focus on what I am good at doing, and free up my time more.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings, now to get to work! Have a good one!

Great news re: Travel Play Co and Gali’s Art Opening in January!

By Joy A. Kennelly

As I was sitting waiting for an appointment I received a call from a woman I’ve been in touch with over at Children’s Hospital for the past few months regarding our potential donation of the Travel Tray to children who are recuperating in hospital beds at Children’s Hospital.

Apparently our product had gone through one committee evaluation already. Suzanne was just about to go into another committee meeting to discuss our donation and needed a quick question answered.

I didn’t know the answer, so quickly called Gali Rotstein, my now artist client, but former CEO of Travel Play Co and inventor of the Travel Tray, who took over and returned her call immediately.

By the time I got out of my meeting I had a message from Gali telling me it’s a go!

Children’s Hospital executives love the Travel Trays and we’re donating 400 this Monday! How wonderful! Now all the children who are stuck in the hospital over Christmas holidays will have a collapsible lap tray to hold all their toys and crayons and whatever else they have to play with while they’re lying in bed. Perfect Christmas gift!

Here’s some pictures to demonstrate it’s original use for when children are traveling, but it’s perfect for the hospital too. I bet adults could use it in the hospital too.


Gali and I are both thrilled, but not as happy as our Broker, Fred, because now he can share this awesome news with major toy company that is currently reviewing our product to determine whether or not they’re going to license the patent and make it their own! Very cool news all the way around.

I love making other people happy and today has been a good day for that. Now to get some other sticks in the fire now that the flames are starting to rise on Travel Tray!

Next product to work on is StufStop which is designed for adults to hold all their belongings on the passenger seat while they’re driving. More info to come soon!

The other good news is that Children’s Action Network Director, Jennifer, who was one of Gali’s first collectors, and Lois Lambert Gallery Director, Lois Lambert, have both agreed to allow this charity to be the beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds for the entire Group ’08 show this January 12, 2008 that Gali Rotstein will be debuting in with her “Requiem for A Housewife” artwork! Now you really have to join us!

We’re all meeting tomorrow to discuss the particulars, and it’s all very exciting. Children’s Action Network is currently dedicated to finding homes for the more than 114,000 children in the United States who are waiting for an adoptive family and improving outcomes for the more than 500,000 children in foster care.

Here’s a blurb on their TV show called “A Home for the Holidays” which will be airing soon on CBS:

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Children’s Action Network are pleased to present the ninth annual “A Home for the Holidays” television special on CBS December 21, 2007 at 8 p.m. EST / PST (7 p.m. CST / MST)!
Each December, Children’s Action Network and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption present “A Home for the Holidays,” a CBS network television special bringing together all-star talent to raise awareness for foster care adoption.

This year, the celebrity lineup includes Sheryl Crow, Fergie, James Blunt, Karmina, Carole King, and Reba McEntire. David Krumholtz, comedian George Lopez and René Russo are among the celebrities presenting inspirational stories of extraordinary families who will share the joys they found through foster care adoption.

Since 1999, this heartwarming holiday special has generated tens of thousands of calls from viewers moved to action after hearing true stories of families who adopted from foster care and of waiting children.

Tune in and watch “A Home for the Holidays” and share, through the eyes of a child, the joy of having a family – not just for the holidays, but forever. Save the date!

Friday, December 21, 2007
8:00 – 9:00 pm. EST / PST
7:00 – 8:00 p.m. CST / MST

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Travel Play Co gossip

By Joy A. Kennelly

You know you’re on to a good thing when all of a sudden people begin Googling what they think your product is to find out what the competition for it is, or what the interest level is. Funny thing is, Travel Play Co. currently doesn’t have any.

Competition that is.

They own the patent free and clear as they are the only ones allowed to create their two unique products, Travel Tray and StufStop.

Here’s some pictures to show you how useful these Travel Trays are while traveling with small children again in case you’re curious if my assertion is true. car.jpgplane2.jpgtt-open-tray-product-shot.jpg

(Toys and accessories sold separately.)

Mom’s love it! We’ve sold 3,000 pieces in the past with minimal advertising efforts at all. However, don’t even think of trying to create a knock-off because you’re not dealing with some small-time business owner who’s totally clueless to the value of this product and no resources to defend it.

What you may find interesting to learn is that the owners of this company have had three other successful businesses in the past and currently run another one very successfully even now. Plus, they’re connected to major players in Hollywood and Legal with the balls to go after whoever even tries to mess with them.

The husband is former Israeli military so you really, really don’t want to mess with him. He’s gentle as they come, but can kill you with his bare hands – not that he’s done it recently, but watch yourself. A real man’s man. Just love him. Gali too!

Just heard word that one of the cool mom sites I discovered through attending StartUpLA recently has decided to share Travel Tray as a daily cool product announcement which reaches over 1200 moms on the list! YEAH Rachel at City Mommy!!!! Thank you!

Also, my very accomplished publicist colleague, Adrienne Dorsey of Magnolia PR, whose specialties include fashion, beauty, baby and lifestyle products has joined forces with me to bring this to market and the publics awareness. Plus, we have some really amazing donations we’re working on to get these into the hands of children who need them. We’ll share soon!

As a result of Adrienne’s involvement, expect to see Travel Tray in all the top style and celebrity magazines in a couple months. She’s that good. I’m no dummy. Work with accomplished people to achieve amazing results for specialty products that rock –then everyone’s happy.

Also, work with clients who encourage you to be your best self. That always helps too! I need the freedom to do my thing and then I can pull rabbits out of thin air. I have great connections in all areas of life and I’m not afraid to go for it! Adrienne, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach, but is very effective in her style as well.

The hilarious thing to me about working with Adrienne is that she has to take fashion so seriously. The BS that goes on in fashion rivals politics! Oh, and the importance people put on the smallest things crack me up!!!

Here’s an example of something she recently sent me:

Hayden Panettiere Wearing Delicate Raymond Earrings This Weekend

November 3, 2007 (Los Angeles, CA)– Courageous Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere was photographed in Delicate Raymond’s gold leaf earrings on Friday, November 2 in Beverly Hills, speaking out about her Japanese dolphin crusade.

View video and images here:


So, if you buy these earrings you may just be persuaded to save the dolphins! Just kidding! They are real pretty aren’t they? I must say though, I really, really admire Hayden because she seems to have genuine values and really cares about this issue. She’s not just out for the photo op like I’ve seen some celebs are.

Here’s some other recent publicity Adrienne generated for some of her other clients like Lavendar Girl’s Bond Girl Headband and Right Bank Babies if I’m not mistaken. (Correct me if I’m wrong Adrienne ok?)


So, as I was saying, expect to see Travel Tray around the city a little more frequently in the upcoming months. We’re ready to rock-n-roll this product through the roof!

Have a good one now, ya hear!


Los Angeles, CA “The Travel Play Company is selling the Travel Tray patent and company,” announced outgoing President and Inventor, Gali Rotstein today. The Travel & Play Trays are sturdy enclosed “lap tables” which keep toys and food off the floor and upholstery while traveling in cars and planes. The patented collapsible Travel Tray has an adjustable belt that wraps around the child’s waist and is held in place by Velcro. The large tray doesn’t interfere with seatbelts and is water resistant. The easy to clean nylon tray features side pockets to hold drinks and toys along the 3” inside side enclosure. It retails for $19.95 and is currently available online at www.travelplayco.com. Currently manufactured for $3.00, if mass-produced, this product would cost $1.50 to manufacture.

The Travel Play Company sells utilitarian products, wholesale and retail, that enhances and simplifies the daily or seasonal travel experience for both adult and child. For more information on the actual product, or to inquire about purchasing the patent or the company, please contact Joy A. Kennelly 310 714-2077 or review www.travelplayco.com.